A truly beautiful moment of the ceremony. Full hearts today 💗 #jessesgirlmeggie
Gumi you make a beautiful bride. I love you! PM for life 💜 #jessesgirlmeggie (at Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove)
My favorite Canadians, minus @denikki 🍁
My favorite Canadians 🍁
My forever woman crush. It was 7 am and she just got off a 12 hr night shift yet looks gorgeous as ever! Me on the other hand 😅
Back when Allie girl could fit in one hand 💗
Happy #nationaldogday to my favorite furry friends 🐾
Me & my main. Thanks for cheering me on love! Such support 👏
Having a grand ol time with 3/5 Capital Cities and a stage full of Seawheezers ✨🙌
Dancing with a mess of seawheezers and 3/5 of Capital Cities 💎🙌✨ (at Stanley Park, Vancouver Bc)