Autumn mornings #vscocam (at Casterly Rock)
"To live every day as if it had been stolen from death, that is how I would like to live." - ES
Hiked to Monte Cristo ghost town in the Snoqualmie National Forest
— long drive to a long hike. The foliage was so beautiful! Definitely a good hike in the fall. Not much elevation gain but the distance made up for it. Not gonna lie, the “town” was a little creepy. Great start to October! 👻 | via @codyapp
Bunnies on 3…1-2-3-BUNNIES! (at Loyal Heights Playfield)
Together we make pi! (Plus a photobomber)
GO HAWKS! (at Marco Polo Bar & Grill)
I have never wished and hoped. Didn’t need a telescope to see where I am going. I have never been the one to hold my tongue.

With every step, I won’t second guess what I want.
It was a lovely afternoon
Missing the hustle and bustle
It’s been a fun couple of weeks