You & me against the world 🌞
Investing in memories 🍷

"I would look at my younger self and just say don’t doubt yourself too much, and don’t let the one terrible thing you hear negate the hundred great things that you’ve heard. You matter because you exist.”

Right on B Davis!

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My little buddy turned 7 this weekend! πŸŽ‰  (at All Together Skatepark)
Cheese! 😁

I’m a little rusty 🎢 (at Maple Leaf Park)

Trying to gain perspective this morning. I’m reminded how small I am in this world πŸ’›
Sounders game with #theweekndcrew ! πŸ’šβš½οΈπŸ’™ (at CenturyLink Field)
5 x 5 f r i d a y + 1 | Kina Grannis The Fire πŸ”₯πŸ” »> seriously loving it. Also, if Robin Thicke made an album for you, would you take him back? 😐
Keep it πŸ’―