Fun fall patterns in my #stitchfix today 🍁🍂
Aww no Pluto 😒
Saturday night couch loungin
Snowy owl is out tonight. Ha-ha-hoooooo
2nd annual scary movie sleepover leveled up last night 🎃🔮👻 (at Georgetown Morgue)

Yep we got lost in the corn maze. Damn caribou trail 🐂 @bellejaneb @catalinadeeds @missaycruz (at The Farm at Swan’s Trail)

Sleepy pup 🐶💤
Pumpkin patch adventure complete! 🎃
Okay the last birthday present for me this year! Thanks @catalinadeeds 👏 (at Neptune Theatre)
Surely it’s 2008 and we’re at J&Rs. Happy birthday Katie J 🍻