A couple of responses from great friends. I’m sending the last of my 40 letters this weekend. It’s been a long emotional journey, with mostly all good feelings. I learned the hard way that people can change without you and throw you out like yesterday’s trash. It takes time and effort to maintain friendships (as it should). Anything could happen. At the very least, I want the people in my life to know, I appreciate them right now. No matter what happens in the future. 💛
April showers ☔️
First time riding a bike with the boys! Not going to lie, riding next to the street with a 5 and 6 year is a little scary at first. Good thing these guys are awesome!!☀️ | via @codyapp
I’m there in the water / still looking for you / can’t you see 🌊 (at Columbia Tower Club)
Ham: “Plaaaaaay baaaalllll!” (at Safeco Field)
So stoked on a Saturday night 👊 what a great way to end the day with my favorite boys (at All Together Skatepark)
Mix plate 👌 also my stationary matches the decor 👏👏👏 (at The Rhino Room)
Days of #CoolPeopleLunch Past
The birthday girl & I (plus lots happening behind us)
Chasing dreams (at Times Square)